lebua Bangkok

100 Stories: “The only way is up”

It is said that it takes a village to raise a child.

In growing lebua’s collection of unforgettable restaurants and bars, with eye-stretching views over Bangkok, the same can also be said:
It takes a global village of experts to build the world’s first vertical destination.

Much has been said, written and Instagrammed about the views from under lebua’s golden Dome.
They are views that have to be experienced.
To be felt.
They change with the light, with the weather and with the moods of the tropical city.
But have you ever stopped to think… how did we make it happen?



How did we create the avant-garde designs, the theatre of dreams… so high, high in the sky?
Let me tell you: it wasn’t easy!
But nothing worth doing ever is…

When you come to experience Chef’s Table and Pink Bar, it is hard, but please try to imagine an empty shell. For 20 years the dust gathered as space laid waiting. There was no water, no air-conditioning, no electrical supply. To bring life, everything had to be modified, added to, broken or changed.

Every delightful design feature your eyes fall on: from hand carved Carrara marble counters to exquisite soft pink velvet sofas, to a grand golden stupa hood… And everything that is hidden: from pipes, beams and a generator installed on the 59th floor for power backup… was all brought up. Everything longer than 2.20 meters had to be built first then cut into chunks, disassembled to fit into one lift, then re-welded, reassembled and reconstructed at the top.

We had only one Otis service lift to use and only four hours - from 1am to 5am – to use it. 100 tonnes of steel with a load restriction of 1.2 tonne per ride.
Can you imagine how many trips it take to build a dream?