lebua Bangkok

100 Stories:  “Where for art thou?”

A carpet of stars. Let me lay them at your feet. Dress you in moonshine - Haiku by D.O.

On Pink Bar balcony, floating high above the madness, the magic, the theatre of Bangkok… A warm wind blows.

It carries with it oriental spices from far below, the odd extraordinary call from a hawker and the faraway hum of life.

On the balcony there is an echo of time past. You are surrounded on all sides by the iconic neo-classical architectural curves that define lebua at State Tower. While before you, curvaceous modern glass allows uninterrupted views of Bangkok (and a carpet of stars) to land at your feet.

On the balcony there is also the resonance of exceptional engineering. Behind, you will see long fins supporting the towering plate glass windows of Chef’s Table restaurant. In order to preserve their integrity these were the only materials, over 2.2m, to arrive intact on the 61st floor. This was achieved by opening up the top of the service lift and, protruding 4m outside, brought up by running the lift manually from the basement.

While inside our team, at the world’s first and only vertical destination, create luxury cocktails and keep the champagne on ice…

Think al fresco in Pink