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100 Stories: Creating a Vertical Destination

Welcome to 100 stories: These are the true tales of what it takes to build the world's first vertical destination. In the beginning there was an idea. An idea that gave birth to a dream.

A dream that grew into a vision to create something bold, something extraordinary, something that has never been done before: to build the world’s first vertical destination.

At lebua, we are not new to creating icons.

It was CEO, Deepak Ohri’s inspired vision, on the top of the abandoned State Tower in 2003, that pioneered rooftop dining in Bangkok. Now, Sirocco, Sky Bar, Breeze, the two-star Michelin Mezzaluna, Flute Champagne Bar and Alfesco 64 are the places to wine and dine. We have million-dollar views, exceptional service and luxury experiences above the sultry city.

When you have a dream there will always be people who say: ‘It can’t be done’ and back then people laughed… An all-suite luxury hotel hotel and a booming rooftop dining scene later; the right people are now smiling: our guests!

There is exciting news afoot: Deepak has been dreaming again!

And this time lebua is going to shake the global culinary and cocktail scene.

With the opening of lebua No.3, Pink Bar and Chef’s Table – and more announcements to soon follow - we are proud to become the world’s first vertical destination.


It takes blood, sweat and tears.

It takes courage, ingenuity and creativity.

It takes passion.

It takes a lot of people to build a vertical destination.

This is our story in 100 days